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Notarizing For Real Estate

Notarizing For Real Estate

According to Cleveland.Com, Ohio sold 16k homes in 2020. With so many homes being sold each year, needless to say, there is quite a bit of paperwork involved. Whenever there are legal documents are used, it needs to be official and general involve a notary.

The Role of the Notary Public

A notary public is a certified official that assures the proper transaction of level documents. They help to prevent fraud, authenticate your documents and ensure that everyone involved is exactly who they say they are.

What is Involved with Notary Public and Real Estate

A notary public works with realtors and title agencies to notarize the many documents involved with real estate. These include purchasing, selling, loans, and just about anything else that involves legal and official documentation.

Are Closing Agents Essential To Eclosings and Real Estate?

Recent executive orders are now allowing eClosings while legislation allows electronic verification of signatures. This has now allowed the legal documents needed for closings in real estate to accelerate and allow a much faster turnaround. You can learn more about local Ohio notary laws here CORONAVIRUS.OHIO.GOV

Notarize Your Real Estate Documents

A notary can notarize real estate documents, but they must go through additional training in order to do so and Notary Columbus is certified and ready to notarize real estate documents. Request our services today!

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