Mobile Notary Public FAQ

Below is a list of our mobile notary public frequently asked questions.

What Is A Mobile Notary Public?

A mobile notary is any notary who is able to travel from one location to another to perform notarial services. They will notarize and inspect documents to verify the identity of a document signer. 

They will also verify that signers are acting of their own free will as well as understand the nature of the documents.

What Are Notary Services?

A Notary Public is an official of integrity appointed by the state government. They serve the public as impartial witnesses in performing a variety of official fraud-deterrent acts. Such as the signing of important documents. You can find more information below directly from the National Notary Association.

What Is A Notary Public: National Notary Association

How Much Do Mobile Notary Public Services Cost?

Although mobile notary services are faster and more convenient, they can be slightly more expensive since the individual notary may need to come to your closing location. 


Mobile Notary fees are a matter of state law, so it depends on where you live, but the average cost can be between $75 and $200 per full service. You can contact us directly for our pricing.

How Does Notary Work?

How Notarization Works:  You present a document that needs legal signing to a notary public. You will sign it in their presence and after that, the notary will officially notarize the document using their official stamp. They will also write in the date and add their signature to the document.

Although The notarization process is typically simple. It takes a certified professional to perform the notarization and should be taken seriously. 

Notary Vs. Notary Public

A Notary Public verifies the identity of someone signing a document that requires to be executed by law. A Notary is just short for Notary Public. 

The word notary comes from the Latin notarius, meaning a person who takes notes.

Are Closing Agents Essential To Eclosings?

Recent executive orders are now allowing eClosings while legislation allows electronic verification of signatures. This has now allowed the legal documents needed for closings in real estate to accelerate and allow a much faster turnaround. You can learn more about local Ohio notary laws here CORONAVIRUS.OHIO.GOV

Can A Notary Notarize Real Estate Documents?

Yes, a notary can notarize real estate documents, but they must go through additional training in order to do so.


Notary Columbus is certified and ready to notarize real estate documents. Request our services today!

Why Do I Need To Notarize Documents

Documents are notarized to prevent fraud and to ensure the document is properly signed. By law, many documents require a notary to be present and notarize the document before it becomes official. 

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